EAT BUD is here to help you make tasty, easy-to-make, budget friendly food while studying. 

Good nutrition shouldn't slide way down your priority list when you're busy focussing on your studies. But as the days pass by in a hurry, it can be difficult finding time to cook a good meal. That's why the recipes you will find on this blog are easy to understand, don't require an incredible amount of ingredients, and — probably most important of all — they are easy to make!

To keep you more energetic while you're studying, and at the same time help reduce pollution and spare the animals, all the recipes are vegetarian. Vegetarian food is not only super delicious and full of vitamins, it's also cheaper, making it very friendly for your food budget. 

All ingredients should be easy to find at your local supermarket. I don't want you running off to some whole food store to be able to find the ingredients necessary. Simplicity is key. 

Good luck with your studies! I hope the recipes on this blog are fulfilling your idea of simple and healthy food!